Know About Overwatch Boosters Game

Overwatch or hero shooter offering a first-person gameplay, developed by Blizzard Entertainment is a multiplayer team game costing $59.99 and $39.99 for Legendary and Standard edition respectively for Windows, PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Six players are divided into two teams, allowing each player to select a character from a choice of 20 heroes. It is a team game to secure and safeguard control points or to escort a payload across the map in a limited time. Continuous updates are pushed in by the developer form adding new characters to maps for improving the game-play and to make it more interesting for the players.

Overwatch boosting service

On the onset of a fictional global crisis, a manifold cast of heroes spanning ethnicities and genders is a part of the game. A lot of time is spent by the developer to adjust the balance of characters to ensure that the new players have an equal opportunity like the skilled players challenging each other. Gaining popularity and a large amount of player base of over 10 million after launching the Beta version in May 2016, it has received world-wide acclaim from critics for its art style, varied hero characters and its accessibility.

Over watch account boosting play a major role in the game for the new players who desire a higher rank in a short period of time. Numerous websites provide the service of paid account boosting, where a pro player plays alongside the new player to push for his desired rank. This is service is not limited to one platform but functions on all three platforms. This service awards the new players cosmetic upgrades and the player’s desired rank to show off.

Despite facing a lot of criticism for sexualization of female characters, players using cheats and hacks, Overwatch boost service now has a player base of over 40 million with total collected playtime of 119 million hours. It is now considered as one of the greatest video games of all time and has received countless Game of the Year awards along with other honours. Now a major E-sport, it’s the 7th highest selling paid game.