New Design of Ship Container Homes For Sale

There are unlimited designs of ship containers. First is the lighting concept of open windows which is really important to enable natural light entering the container homespace. New concept of floor-to-ceiling ship container homes for sale will let light pour inside to give you natural and feel in open space. The intensity of light coming from windows and doors could be customizable which allow you to find perfect balance and mood of your daily life.

Kitchen space warm tone with light coming from tilt and turn windows creates modern recessed lighting to accommodate stylish finish of new modern kitchen style. Various open kitchen design adjustable in each ship container homes for sale. Options are virtually endless with combination of space saving furniture and amenities.

Second concept is a smart home living feature in ship container homes for sale. Each Luckdrops studio passed four standard production processes such as engineering, building material, inspections and quality control. This feature create a safe, sound and secure smart home living, with additional integrated security, heating, cooling systems.

Personalization of each Luckdrops is also important to appreciate your favorite design. Extensive range of flooring finishes, shades, interior paints has wide variation from rustic wood to sunny vinyl. You can also combine ton options of kitchen, living room, bed room, and bath room design to give you natural color and lighting balance.

For a living room, it will give you comfortable two-seat sofa to enjoy your morning sunshine or even sunset time.  Completed with flat screen TV and internet connection, it makes more perfect to watch your favorite movie from online streaming connection. You also can do your work here, while luxuriate vibrancy of natural scenery.

Simplicity is the key concept after all. Every detail of Luckdrops space are planned and designed an optimize space for cozy and inviting environment. You can place your Luckdrops studio+ almost anywhere in the world.                Durability and modularity designed to be resisted with extreme condition. So does each unit been built with strength and compact design. You can put it in dessert, beach, forest, or in even in valley.

Extra benefit of having ship container home is the balance between prices and features. To get all of these new design concepts, you can get it only from $26,000, which is just a fraction of traditional home price. As your future home, this ship container home will give you continuous benefit of energy savings and comfortable living.