League of Legends has gained massive popularity over the past decade. It is a multiplayer online game. One of the main reasons behind its growing popularity is its huge fan base. The game holds the championship series which gives players the opportunity to compete worldwide. It is highly streamed on social media. League of legends turned out to be the most played game on PC. It has received a lot of positive views and criticism. The game has been a hit since its launch. It’s very popular across western cultures. The game has basically three versions. Three of these versions has received wide fame. The game has sold off its personal merchandise. Many players sell their League of legends accounts for money.

League of Legends NA


The game is played by a group of players who have a set of goals. The goal is to terrorize and take over the enemy. The enemy towers or turrets are broken down in this manner. The players are entitled as champions. The goal of the champion is to take over the core building. The building present behind the enemy lines. In order to do so, they have to travel a difficult path. The beginner level is low. He has a few gold coins and low immunity. With time, he gains momentum. He has to face the minions and kill monsters on his way. The players control these champions with strategy and patience. This game has become a cult hit because of its simplicity. Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and howling abyss are the three popular versions. This game requires you to enter behind enemy lines and destroy their heart. Their heart or the base is the tower. These towers are also known as nexus. On a survey, it has been noted. League of legends has turned out to be one of the most played games on PC.


Survey has shown that league of legends is hugely successful in North America and Europe. Europe has put up a separate server in order to run this game. The League of Legends NA server or North American server at times suffers a lot. The main reason being there is only a single server present in this area. Request for servers is being made every day. North America has broken all records. This is by far one of the best games by Riot. Riot is busy trying to create servers across the globe.League of legends NA is the server mostly in demand. Hence, a lot of work is being done on it.