Widmer for Top Quality Umzug Bern Services

Umzug Bern service providers are many, but only few can be trusted for 100% quality. One of the few is Widmer, and they have never been known to fail their clients since they started operation till date. They have been here for more than ten years and have built experience and honed their expertise over these years.  Some of the features that make them the best moving company to patronize will be discussed below.

Quality moving

Widmer is the most reliable moving company operating in Bern. They have everything you can ever hope for in a moving company and are well equipped to handle every item you want to pack. They cover the entire Bern and other cities in Switzerland, which makes them one of the outlets with the broadest coverage in the country. Furthermore, they can help to move your belongings across the border into neighboring countries. They have trucks of different sizes to meet up with the moving needs of their clients. They equally have many trucks to accommodate as many items as their clients may want to pack.

Top class warehousing

Do you need to store your belongings for the time being? Maybe your tenancy has expired, and the new place you want to move to is not ready yet. You can get top quality warehousing service from Wilmer to store your belongings pending the time the new place will be ready.

You will not have to pay much to rent a storage space from the company.  They can also store the items for as long as you want. The stored items can equally be delivered to any address you provide when the storage period is over.  They have storage spaces of different sizes where you can store your belongings. The cost of the space depends on the size. They can also help you to choose the storage space that can correctly occupy your belongings.

Professional team members

The team of furniture packers working for Widmer is among the best you can ever find in the moving industry.  Many of the team members have been in the umzug Bern services for several years and, therefore, have adequate knowledge and experience to pack your belongings to any location of your choice.  They can use their verse experience to load, unload, dismantle and assemble your belongings without any problem.

Available services

 The following are the highlights of the various umzugsfirma bern services you can get from Widmer:

  • They offer domestic removal services that cover entire Switzerland
  • Their removal services also reach out to the entire European Union
  • They can move the items in your apartments, irrespective of the bulk or weight
  • They can move all the items in the home even if it takes several trips
  • They are professionals when it comes to packing and unpacking
  • They equally offer warehousing and cleaning services.